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Downtown Tinley Redevelopment

The Village has initiated several endeavors that it hopes will help Downtown Tinley thrive and give businesses the tools they’ll need to succeed in the coming years.

Harmony Square
Harmony Square PlazaHarmony Square, the crown jewel of the Village’s music brand, will be located in Downtown Tinley and will feature programming at least 250 days of the year. Designed as a “third place” for residents and regional visitors to go after home and work, Harmony Square will have a lawn section and stage for concerts, a splash pad that in the winter will transform into an ice rink, and a beautiful park that will be surrounded by shops and restaurants catering to the musically-minded.

Harmony Square is a key component of the Village’s recently completed branding initiative that puts music at the core focus of Tinley Park’s brand. The plaza will be a place where everyone from residents to visitors can gather to celebrate the magic of music together.

Downtown Tinley Grant Program
The Village offers the Downtown Tinley Grant Program, a series of incentive programs for Downtown Tinley business owners that encourages them to invest in and improve their respective properties. Available incentive programs include:

  • Facade Improvement
  • Code Compliance
  • Sign Grant
  • Retail Grant

The Village has budgeted as much as $350,000 per year for these programs, which could allow for 10 or more projects annually. One site can use as much as $70,000 in grants per year. The key goals of the new incentive programs are to:

  • Strengthen the pedestrian-friendly business district
  • Create a stronger synergy of specialty dining and retail
  • Maintain safe buildings with distinctive architecture and signage
  • Improve economic viability and competitiveness of existing buildings
  • Spur start-up, attraction and expansion of sales tax-producing businesses
  • Build public spaces with an orientation to music and entertainment
  • Enhance the aesthetics of the entire corridor

The Village looks forward to working with businesses in creating a downtown that everyone – from residents to visitors to business owners – can enjoy and be proud of.

SIP Before and After
New Bremen TIF District
The New Bremen Tax Increment Financing (TIF) District is bounded by 172nd Street on the north, 179th Street on the south, 67th Avenue and 66th Court on the east, and 69th Avenue on the west. At about 89 acres, the new TIF district consists of 275 tax parcels and includes commercial, residential, government/institutional, mixed-use, railroad and right-of-way land uses.

The New Bremen TIF replaced the Main Street South TIF, which was created in 2003 and was set to expire in 2026 after its 23-year life cycle had run its course. Due in part to the 2007 recession, which greatly hindered development in the area, the remaining eight years left on the TIF were insufficient to allow any meaningful development to occur. In response, the Village decided to create the New Bremen TIF in order to give a new set of 23 incremental tax years to support redevelopment and infrastructure improvements in Downtown Tinley.