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Electric Aggregation

Due to a volatile and challenging energy market, the Village will not be offering its Electrical Aggregation program this year.

With no supplier able to bid lower than the ComEd rate, and no added benefits, the Village believes it is in the best interest to simply have all accounts return to ComEd at this time. The Village, in partnership with its consultant NIMEC, will continue to monitor the situation and hopes to be able to re-establish a program when the market finally levels off.

Residents may receive notices in late September/early October notifying them that their account has been dropped and returned to ComEd. This is normal; residents do not need to take any action. This is simply Eligo Energy returning all accounts back to ComEd since the Village has no contract in place with a supplier.

Below are the average rates (per kilowatt-hour) that ComEd has released for June 2022 through May of 2023. Keep in mind that these are variable rates and can change from month to month.

Electrical Aggregation Chart

Program History

During 2011 and 2012, the Village completed the necessary steps via voter referendum to allow for the creation of an “opt out” electric aggregation program, as authorized by the State. The “opt out” electric aggregation program allows the Village to go out to bid on an annual basis to negotiate the purchase of the combined electric supply of its residents and small businesses in an effort to secure the lowest market cost electric supply. Regardless of the supplier, ComEd remains the distributor. All residents and small businesses are automatically enrolled in the program, unless they choose to opt out (at no cost).

Since its inception, the Village’s Electrical Aggregation program has saved residents and businesses Village-wide nearly $6 million. All residents and small businesses receive notice via mail annually, whether in the program or opted out of the program, detailing changes and providing instructions if they wish to remove themselves from the program or rejoin it. There are roughly 19,000 accounts that participate in the Village’s residential electric aggregation program.

In 2018, for the first time since the program’s inception and due to changing market conditions, the Village did not receive any bids from suppliers that were lower than the (variable) ComEd rate of 7.75cents. However, the Village’s electric consultant, NIMEC, recommended a 100% green aggregation program which would make Tinley Park an EPA-designated green power community. Through this program, the supplier, MC Squared agreed to match the ComEd rate, all while providing residents and businesses with green energy through the purchase of Renewable Energy Credits (RECs) at no additional costs.

Suppliers are able to do this through analysis of individual accounts; costlier accounts to serve remained on ComEd supply, while low-power users were supplied through MC Squared. Regardless of supplier, the entire aggregation receives green energy. The Village’s Environmental Enhancement Commission worked closely with NIMEC to ensure the rates, regardless of supplier, always remained the same average.

The Village extended the terms with MC Squared for the period of October 2019 through October 2021. In 2021, the market continued to show changing conditions, and again, no bids were received lower than the ComEd rate. Furthermore, green aggregation was no longer a feasible option, either.

However, Eligo was able to propose a match-rate program and provided the Village a civic contribution in the amount of $75,000 that the Village could use toward community projects. The Village subsequently signed a one-year contract with Eligo. For example, some of the civic contribution funds were used to replace the flares the Village uses at the Hollywood Casino Amphitheater with LED flares to be more environmentally friendly.

Avoid Scams
Scams are common in this market. Many companies will reach out offering low rates, but then rates dramatically increase after a few months. Then, when you try to opt out, there are opt-out fees you will get stuck with. Please do your due diligence if you're considering going with a supplier other than ComEd!
If a solicitor claims to be either the Village supplier or ComEd, please take their information and report the incident to the ICC at Never reveal your ComEd account number or allow a solicitor to view your ComEd bill unless you're certain you wish to enroll with that supplier and have read all terms and conditions.