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E-Delivery Utility Bill

Utility customers may register to have their bills delivered to their email account. Customers who register for this service will no longer receive a paper copy of their bill in the mail.

Note: Please add the sending email address of to your accepted senders list.

Complete the online form below and hit submit. Questions related to e-services may be directed to our offices at 708-444-5000 or via email to

Name on Utility Account


Billing Account Number(s)   


Service Address


Email Address


Daytime Phone


I hereby authorize the Village of Tinley Park to deliver my water bill to the above stated email address. This authorization will remain in effect until written notice of termination is given to the Village of Tinley Park. In the event my email address changes, I understand that I am responsible for notifying the Village in a timely manner and for any fees that may be incurred if I fail to provide a valid email address.