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Village to host July 3 event

Posted: Jan. 20, 2023

The Village will host an Independence Day celebration at 5:30 p.m. Monday, July 3 in the north parking lot of the 80th Avenue Metra train station, 18001 S. 80th Ave., Tinley Park. The event will be a community celebration featuring live music, food and beverages and fireworks at dusk.

The Village chose to host the event at the 80th Avenue station primarily due to the layout of the area, which is more contained than a location like McCarthy Park.

“Last year, the Village came within 15 minutes of cancelling the Fourth of July celebration in McCarthy Park due to a threat received on the heels of the Highland Park shooting,” said Tinley Park Police Chief Matthew Walsh. “Since that time, we’ve been looking for ways to increase safety and efficiency at all of our events, especially ones that have the potential to attract large crowds.”

The new location will have fewer points of ingress/egress and will provide better opportunities for Public Safety personnel to manage the crowd and keep a watchful eye on potential threats.

The 80th Avenue location also has other benefits. It will provide better parking options for attendees and keep traffic from spilling over into subdivisions, which in the past has caused safety issues and parking inconveniences for residents in the surrounding neighborhood. 

Because the Metra lot is more efficient in this regard, fewer Village resources will be needed to close streets, post “no parking” signs and in general manage traffic. The Village can point to past successes at the site, such as last year’s Oktoberfest celebration, for proof that the location is much better suited to hold large-scale events than smaller parks.

“The Village has partnered with the Tinley Park Park District in the past to provide half the cost of the fireworks and the entire cost for all Public Safety and Public Works manpower," Village Manager Pat Carr said. "We welcome their collaboration at this event, which will provide a more secure venue.”