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Water Meter and Billing FAQs

For more information on water meters and water billing, please click on the links below.

What factors go into the calculation of my water bill?

How does Tinley Park's water rate compare to other neighboring communities?

I've heard the Village uses digital meters. Why are these better than traditional mechanical water meters?

When did the Village begin using digital meters?

What are the most common reasons a digital water meter fails?

What does the Village do when it receives a report of abnormally high or low water readings?

My meter failed. Why can't the water meter technician tell me why?

How do the meters alert the Village that too much or too little water flow is being recorded?

My water bill is more than it was last month. Does this mean my water meter is over-recording usage?

If the Village determines that I've been overbilled for my water, what happens next?

Does the Village test water meters?

How can I be sure my water meter is working properly?

What is the Village doing to ensure the water meter failure rate remains as low as possible?

What other factors contribute to my water bill?

OK. So how do these new water infrastructure improvements impact my water bill?