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Trees in Parkways

treeTrees in parkways are planted by the Tinley Park Public Works Department, but they are ultimately the responsibility of the homeowner. The homeowner also is accountable for trimming trees that hang over the sidewalk so branches do not interfere with pedestrians. The Public Works Department Tree Maintenance Program is conducted during the winter. Please call the office if you have a dead parkway tree.

Periodically, the Tinley Park Public Works Department trims low-hanging branches from parkway trees for safety reasons. This helps prevent broken mirrors, smashed windshields and other hazards to vehicles that must travel along curbs, such as Post Office vehicles, street sweepers, emergency vehicles and delivery trucks.

See the Tinley Park Code of Ordinances, Chapter 100 for more information on trees and shrubs in the Village.

Adding New Trees to Your Parkway
If you are adding to your landscaping, the Tinley Park Public Works Department has a list of trees recommended for planting in our area. Residents who would like a tree planted in their parkway (where a tree was either taken down or never planted) may call Public Works to be put on a list. There is no charge for the tree, but watering, staking and fertilizing the tree is the responsibility of the homeowner.

Listed below are the types of trees approved by Public Works for planting in the Village.

Maple Trees

  • Maples Ironwood
  • Maple 'Autumn Blaze' Shagbark Hickory
  • Maple 'Marmo' Kentucky Coffeetree
  • Norway Maple 'Superform'
  • Norway Maple 'Emerald Queen' Ginkgo (Male)
  • Red Maple Hackberry
  • Sugar Maple Black Walnut

Oak Trees

  • Oak
  • Black Oak
  • English Oak
  • Swamp White Oak
  • Red Oak
  • Shingle Oak

Locust Trees

  • Honey Locust (Patented Trees Only)
  • Honey Locust 'Skyline'
  • Honey Locust 'Shademaster'
  • Honey Locust 'Imperial'
  • Black Locust ‘Chicago Blues’

Linden Trees

  • Linden Elm
  • American Linden ‘Redmond’ Homestead Elm
  • Little Leaf Linden ‘Greenspire’ Accolade Elm
  • Little Leaf Linden ‘Glenlevel’ Regal Elm
  • Silver Linden 'Green Mountain' Other