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Elf in the Window2020 Elf in the Window Scavenger Hunt answers
Thanks to everyone who participated in the Village’s Elf in the Window Scavenger Hunt. Answers to the questions included:

1. Question: Who is on Shar Donnay’s shirt?
Answer: The Grinch

2. Question:
What is Guitarri the Elf doing?
Answer: Painting

Elf in the Window Buddy3. Question: What is Benji the Elf trying to do?
Answer: Put a star on the tree

4. Question: How is Chip the Elf feeling?
Answer: Cold!

5. Question: What is Bubbles the Elf doing?
Answer: Washing a dog

6. Question: What is Penelope eating?
Answer: Tabasco sauce

7. Question: What is Mr. Roni painting a picture of?
Answer: Himself!

8. Question: What happened to Buddy?
Elf in the Window Shar DonnayAnswer: He was framed.

9. Question: What is Ruby’s favorite color?
Answer: Christmas lights

10. Question: Who is Corny looking for?
Answer: This one was a freebie – any answer was accepted!

11. Question: What is Durby holding?
Answer: A pizzaElf in the Window Mr. Roni

12. Question: What is the Elf’s name?
Answer: Chico

13. Question: What is Sally the Elf doing?
Answer: Reading Tarot cards