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Tinley Park Block Party

The Village would like to thank the more than 20,000 people who came out for the annual Tinley Park Block Party on July 15 and 16 in and around Zabrocki Plaza. It was a great time filled with excellent music, tasty food, fun rides and mostly nice weather! Many thanks also to this year's Tinley Park Block Party sponsors, which included UChicago Medicine, Kevin Szabo Jr. Plumbing, Homewood Disposal, Southwest Synergy Dance and Lenny's Gas-n-Wash.

Ballistic Swing Ride
Blooze Brothers Band - Block Party 2023
Conga Line - 2023 Block Party
Block Party 2023 - The Walk-Ins Band
Pirates Revenge Ride 1 - 2023 Block Party
Tie-Dye Craft - 2023 Block Party
Hypnotic Swing Ride - 2023 Block Party
Infinity Band 1 - Block Party 2023