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Benches on the Avenue

Tinley Park's Benches on the Avenue public art program has become one of the Village's most popular attractions, drawing thousands of residents and visitors annually to Downtown Tinley. The colorful benches feature the work of both amateur and professional artists and provide spots to rest and enjoy the fantastic creations while strolling through town.

Artwork is based on a different theme each year, and benches are on display from mid-May through October. Each bench is sponsored by a local business or individual, who takes possession of it after the program has ended.

2020 Benches on the Avenue: Around the World

The Village hosted its 17th annual Benches on the Avenue program in 2020 along Oak Park Avenue in Downtown Tinley. The 2020 theme was “Around the World” and featured imaginative, three-dimensional works that depicted some of the most explored and fascinating travel destinations, vacation spots and/or iconic landmarks.

'Around the World' Scavenger Hunt winners announced
The Village recently announced the winners of its first-ever Benches on the Avenue “Around the World” Scavenger Hunt, which took place this summer and fall along Oak Park Avenue in Downtown Tinley. Congratulations to Kim Wicks, Gavin Hoogervorst and the Dillon Family, who each won one of this year’s Benches! The winners were chosen from among the more than 150 entries the Village received. Players were tasked with printing out a game sheet on the Village website and then using the clues provided in it to locate all 22 benches and answer a question related to each one. Those who answered all questions correctly were eligible to win. Many thanks to all who played, and we’ll see you next year!

2020 Benches on the Avenue winners
The Village announced the winners of its annual “Benches on the Avenue” public art program during the Aug. 29 Music in the Plaza concert. Winners, listed below, received a cash prize and a trophy. 

  • Best First-Time Artist: Emma Kresal for “Cheerio America”
  • Best Group/Family Project: Delaney and Kathleen Dillon for “The Luck of the Irish”
  • Best Use of Materials: Melissa and Veronica Arreola for “Looking Through the London Eye”
  • Best Portrayal of Theme: Amy Frale and Carla Zidek for “America the Beautiful”
  • Most Creative: Dante DiBartolo, Allen Jebens, Tom Liston, Bob Renaud and Terry Nugent for “Postcards of My Trip”
  • Best 3-D Bench: Tyler Stuckart for “Midgard’s Bench”
  • Judges Choice: Sherrie Ordaz and Michael Woodman for “Le Lourve’s Starry Nights”
Benches Winners 2020b

Many thanks to this year's Benches on the Avenue judges, which included Jackie Bobbitt (Tinley Park Marketing and Branding Commission), Nancy Byrne (former Benches on the Avenue coordinator), Brandy Cafarelli (Tinley Park Chamber of Commerce), Fr. Paul Seaman (St. George Church) and Pam Zukoski (Tinley Park Public Library).



Brochures from from each year of the "Benches on the Avenue" program.

"Around the World" (2020)
"Prized Page Turners" (2019)

"Treasured Family Musicals" (2018
"The Power of Music" (2017)
"Once Upon a Time" (2016)
"Heroes and Villains" (2015)
"Let the Games Begin!" (2014)
"Fairy Tale Festival" (2013)
"The Magic of Music" (2012)
"America the Beautiful" (2011)
"When I Grow Up" (2010)
"Classic TV" (2009)
"A World of Travel Adventures" (2008)
"Toyland" (2007)
"Favorite Children's Storybooks" (2006)
"Hooray for Hollywood!" (2005)
"Benches on the Avenue" (2004)