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Tinley Park's Unified Command Team

Tinley Park’s Unified Command organization brings together decision-makers from the Fire, Police, Emergency Management, Public Works, Administration, IT and Marketing/Communications departments to operate together to form a single command structure. The organization of this team enables the Village to coordinate, plan and interact effectively and efficiently. The Incident Commanders within the Unified Command make joint decisions and speak as one voice. Any differences are worked out within the Unified Command. A unified approach results in:

  • Collaborative strategies
  • A single set of incident objectives with a shared understanding of priorities and restrictions
  • Improved internal and external information flow
  • Minimized duplication of efforts and better resource utilization

Unified Command uses a interdepartmental planning process and produces one Incident Action Plan (IAP). The team will work with local agencies and jurisdictions to review and implement safety plans.

Tinley Park’s Incident Command Team
Steve Klotz – Fire Chief
Dan Reda – Deputy Fire Chief
Kristopher Dunn – Assistant Fire Chief
Matt Walsh – Police Chief
Tom Tilton – Deputy Police Chief
Larry Rafferty- Deputy Police Chief
Keith Sullivan – Police Sargent
Lisa Kortum - Emergency Management Director
John Urbanski – Public Works Director
Colby Zemaitis – Assistant Public Works Director
Pat Carr – Village Manager
Hannah Lipman – Assistant Village Manager
Donna Framke – Marketing Director
Anthony Ardolino – IT Director

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