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Harlem/Vollmer Business Park

Vollmer-Harlem 1The development at Harlem Avenue and Vollmer Road is proposed on 110.94 acres, with approximately 1,262,000 square feet of floor space over three industrial buildings. The development may be completed in as many as three phases. The proposed development is expected to bring additional jobs to the area and property tax revenue to the various taxing districts.

Petitioner Chris Carlino, on behalf of Scannell Properties (the contract purchaser), is requesting a rezoning upon annexation to the Office and Restricted Industrial (ORI) zoning district and a Special Use Permit for a Planned Unit Development (PUD) at the property, which is located at 19501 to 19701 Harlem Avenue.

One of the Village’s main priorities with this new development is to reduce the impact of noise and traffic on the surrounding neighborhoods. To this end, the Village’s planning staff has been working with Scannell to provide for a high-quality and safe business park. Features will include:

  • A minimum three-foot-high landscaped berm along Harlem Avenue to screen the view of any future truck docks
  • The extension of a public watermain beyond the site to create redundancy in the overall area’s water supply
  • Space to locate a new Village emergency radio tower that improves emergency communication in the area
  • An eight-foot-wide multi-use path along Harlem Avenue that will eventually connect to a larger path system along Oak Park Avenue
Vollmer-Harlem Property

The business park’s layout was designed in a way to provide efficient and safe truck circulation inside the site and on the adjacent roadways, and it allows for truck and employee access to signalized intersections.

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