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Civil Service Commission

In 1957, the State of Illinois adopted the Illinois Personnel Code to regulate the civil service of cities. The Civil Service Commission has the responsibility to carry out the provisions of said code through the creation and enforcement of rules and regulations. All Civil Service-classified employees are subject to these rules and regulations. Any and all questions related to Civil Service can be directed to

The Civil Service Commission of the Village of Tinley Park is accepting applications for the position of Patrol Officer A-2 with the Village from Friday, September 1, 2023 through Friday, September 29, 2023. The application information packet can be found below or here.

Martin Gainer

John Carney
Ranetta Adamovitz

Staff Liaison
Hannah Lipman

Board Liaison
Trustee Bill Brady

Commission Secretary
Kathy Congreve

Monthly Meetings

The Civil Service Commission meets at 6 p.m. the first and third Mondays of the month in the Council Chambers at Tinley Park Village Hall, 16250 S. Oak Park Avenue. Agendas, minutes and meeting presentations are posted on the Village website.

Mission Statement 
As mandated by the State of Illinois’s Personnel Code, the Civil Service Commission is responsible for the adoption and enforcement of rules and regulations of personnel matters for applicable classifications within the Village of Tinley Park. The commission conducts monthly meetings and hearings as needed to adopt and amend rules, approve support personnel, conduct entry-level and promotional exams; and to hear and determine appeals arising from the administration of the rules.

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Final Promotional Eligibility Register1 document

  • Sergeant Final Promotional Eligibility Register 2022
    document date 06-01-2022

Final Eligibility Register1 document

  • Patrol Officer A-2 (2021)
    document date 06-23-2021

Reports5 documents

  • CSC Annual Report 2021
    document date 04-20-2022
  • CSC Annual Report 2020
    document date 04-05-2021
  • CSC Annual Report 2019
    document date 01-15-2021
  • CSC Annual Report 2018
    document date 01-11-2019
  • 2018 Report Attachment A
    document date 01-11-2019

Lateral Hire Transfer List4 documents

  • Final Lateral Patrol Officer Register 2023
    document date 08-22-2023
  • Lateral Patrol Officer Prelim Register 2023
    document date 08-22-2023
  • Final Lateral Patrol Officer Register 2021
    document date 06-09-2021
  • Lateral Patrol Officer Prelim Register 2021
    document date 05-18-2021

Preliminary Eligibility Register1 document

  • 2021 Patrol Officer Preliminary Register
    document date 05-20-2021

Preliminary Promotional Register1 document

  • Sergeant PRELIM Promotional Eligibility Register
    document date 05-25-2022

Application Information Packet for Patrol Officer A-21 document

  • Application Information Packet for Patrol Officer A-2
    document date 09-01-2023

Rules and Regulations1 document

  • Civil Service Rules and Regulations
    document date 01-15-2021