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Business License

The Village requires that most businesses in Tinley Park have a valid business license. Some business types are regulated by the state and are not required to get a business license. If you are unsure if your business needs a business license or not, please call (708) 444-5004.

Village business licenses are issued on a calendar-year basis. The Village will offer a grace period through January 31, and begin issuing late fees thereafter.

On November 1, 2022, the Village Board approved Ordinance 2022-O-086 amending the fee structure for business licenses. This fee structure had not been reviewed in well over a decade.

Also required is a Change of Use/Owner permit for businesses acquiring a previously occupied commercial or industrial space, or acquiring an existing business or property. Before a lease or sale is complete, a Change of Use/Owner permit application must be completed and returned to the Building/Planning Department for review to ensure the basic zoning criteria has been met, and an inspection will be performed to make sure the space is up to current code. A certificate of occupancy and business license cannot be issued until this process is completed.

Penalty for Failure to Obtain/Renew Licenses
Failure to obtain or renew a business license within the established deadlines may result in a penalty. Said penalty shall be paid at the time of obtaining the license. The Village also may take action to force the business to cease operation if license is not obtained. This penalty structure is not applicable to contractors.

Business License Fee Based on Square Footage
See this list of commercial establishments in which the fee is based on square footage. This list shall not be construed to be all inclusive, and all other commercial establishments, businesses or activities not specifically enumerated herein or in another section of this chapter shall pay an annual license fee based on square footage.

Business License Fee Based on Business Type
See this list of all commercial establishments in which the fee is based on business type. If you are unsure which category your business falls into, please call (708) 444-5004.