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Community Watch
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The Village of Tinley Park counts on its citizens to be part of Community Watch by calling 911 whenever they see suspicious activity in their neighborhood and by making sure their cars, homes, garages and sheds are locked.

The Tinley Park Police Department participates in Community Watch by distributing emergency, crime prevention and other police-related information of public interest through the various Village media outlets. The police department also provides crime prevention programs and a “Report a Crime” page on the Village website, as well as offers a Speaker’s Bureau for those who request a police department presentation.

Report a Crime
Tinley Park residents can report a non-emergency using the “Report a Crime” page, accessible by clicking here. Please remember to call 911 if you have an emergency requiring immediate assistance.

Notification Programs
The Tinley Park Police Department continually provides information on crime prevention, emergency situations and other police-related topics using:

  • Facebook: Visit the Village’s official Facebook page and hit “Like” to begin seeing police department information in your news feed. Make sure to share relevant posts with friends, family and neighbors to ensure everyone is informed.
  • Twitter: Follow the Village’s Twitter page for information conveniently packaged in 140 characters or less.
  • Community Email newsletter: Sign up for the Village’s weekly Community Email by clicking here to receive information directly to your inbox. When the situation warrants, an emergency Community Alert email is also sent to subscribers.
  • Tinley Park Exchange: Police department information is included in Tinley Park Exchange, which is sent to all Tinley Park households twice a year.
  • News releases: Emergency situations and crime news that warrant a press release are posted on the Village website and then archived here afterward.
  • Tinley Park Television: Information from the police department is periodically broadcast on Tinley TV, which airs 24 hours a day, seven days a week on Comcast Channel 4 and U-verse Channel 99.
  • CodeRED: The Village utilizes the new CodeRED community notification system to send time-sensitive emergency alerts and critical information to Village staff, residents and businesses. The system also sends information on nonemergency information such as road closures and trash collection schedule changes.

PLEASE NOTE: The Tinley Park Police Department encourages all residents to learn who in their neighborhood, building, apartment or association doesn't have Facebook or web access and endeavor to forward any pertinent information to those neighbors.

Speaker's Bureau
The Speaker’s Bureau allows those who’d like to host a presentation by the Tinley Park Police Department to request an officer to come and speak to their community group, church, school or neighborhood. Speakers are also available to respond, when requested, to neighborhoods that may be having a crime issue such as burglaries, housing issues and traffic problems.

Potential Speaker's Bureau topics include:

  • Scams/fraud
  • Surviving an active shooter
  • Crime free housing
  • BASSET (liquor servers state required training)
  • Senior citizen issues
  • Child safety seats
  • Traffic safety
  • Computer crimes/sexting/identity theft
  • Home security surveys – officer coming to your house
  • Domestic violence issues
  • Rail road safety
  • Bicycle safety

To set up a speaker, please email Deputy Chief Lori Mason at .

Crime Prevention programs
The Tinley Park Police Department participates in several crime prevention programs and employs two civilian crime prevention specialists. There are also several officers who assist with various programs. Available programs include:

The police department also participates in several crime prevention and public safety events throughout the year, including:

  • National Night Out Against Crime
  • National Seat Check Saturday
  • National Prescription Drug Take-Back Day

Crime Prevention Resources