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Orland Grassland
Orland Grassland 1.jpg
Orland Grassland sits adjacent to Orland Park, Orland Hills and Tinley Park and is located at the southern-most point of the region’s moraine, which was formed by glaciers 12,000 years ago.

Orland Grassland was settled in the 1800s and was cleared for farming, but the clearing took its toll – much of the natural plant and animal life became scarce or left completely.

Orland Grassland eventually contained some degraded prairie remnants along with large hayfields that were home to nesting prairie birds, a species of the highest conservation concern in the Midwest.

A restoration plan is underway that calls for restoring the mix of prairie, wetland, oak savanna and oak woodlands. The nearly 1,000 acres of ponds, meadows, woods and rolling hills eventually will be an improved habitat for the bobolinks, Hensolw’s sparrows, yellow-breasted chats, orchard orioles and other species that will survive there.

After restoration, Orland Grassland will provide a stable, nurturing environment to support native vegetation and wildlife.

Orland Grassland has several events planned for 2014. For a list of upcoming programs, click here.

A detailed map of Orland Grassland:

Orland Grassland Map.jpg

For a brochure detailing Orland Grassland's history and mission, click here.

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