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State of the Village
Mayor Vandenberg
As mayor of this great Village, I’m committed to working with everyone to ensure Tinley Park’s nearly 60,000 residents continue to live in a town with a dynamic business climate, picturesque residential neighborhoods and entertainment opportunities that are second to none. All of my life I have lived in and loved this wonderful town, and now I’m getting to work on its behalf. This is the beginning of a new chapter and a bright future in the Village of Tinley Park, and I hope you’ll join me in the journey.

In the coming months and years we can look forward to the redevelopment of Downtown Tinley, as well as finalizing a master plan and developing the 280 acres of land at the former Tinley Park Mental Health Center. We’ll also concentrate on and invest in infrastructure and road extension projects to better serve our business and residential communities.

We’re also in the beginning stages of building Tinley Park’s new music brand, which we believe is the launching of an exciting new chapter in the Village of Tinley Park. Part of this branding process will include the construction of a new plaza in Downtown Tinley that will feature activities 250 days a year, including winter, which will complement the great special events we already have in town.

Some of the pillars of my campaign were transparency, accountability and accessibility. In order to live up to these promises I am working to make some adjustments to how things are done here in Tinley Park. The village government of Tinley Park is becoming streamlined, with efficiency being the name of the game. 

With the help of my dedicated staff, these changes will spread throughout our local government. Village staff and I will be working tirelessly to instill these changes. However, we cannot do it without help from the residents.

I encourage our incredible citizens to get involved with their local government. There are countless ways to do this. These include, but are not limited to, attending a Village Board Meeting, asking questions, volunteering for a commission or simply following the Village’s YouTube channel. Resident input is incredibly valuable to local government, and we need your help. I believe it takes a village to run a village. 

Tinley Park residents are engaged in, educated about and dedicated to this one-of-a kind Village. We need to continue to use our collective passion to better this excellent community. To that end, I challenge everyone to stay engaged by continuing to ask questions. After all, it’s not my Village, and it’s not the Board’s Village. It’s our Village. The business-as-usual status quo has ended, and now we look forward.

Jacob C. Vandenberg
Mayor, Village of Tinley Park


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