Harmony Square

Harmony Square is a key component of the Village’s recently completed branding initiative that puts music at the core focus of Tinley Park’s brand. This downtown public space will be programmed at least 250 days of the year and will be a destination for residents and regional visitors alike. Through Harmony Square and downtown redevelopment, the Village of Tinley Park aims to create a sense of place and a sense of community in Tinley Park and to meet the goals of reducing leakage of locally earned money being spent in neighboring communities, increasing the investment and tax base in Tinley Park and dramatically increasing visitor spending locally.

Harmony Square was designed using placemaking, a community-driven, collaborative, destination-focused process that pays attention to the interactions between the physical, social, ecological, economic and cultural qualities of a space. Placemaking is not focused on constructing buildings, attracting great businesses or designing a plaza, but considers all those things. From redevelopment to streetscape improvements to events and programs this project focuses on placemaking in downtown Tinley Park. An important piece of this placemaking is Harmony Square.

Harmony Square will break ground March 13, 2019.

The Approach
The Village of Tinley Park coordinated these efforts with the Lakota Group, a planning, urban design and landscape architecture firm from Chicago. Lakota is assisted by Kristi Trevarro, Executive Director of Rochester Downtown Development Authority. The placemaking process was interactive and featured multiple opportunities for the community to shape the final outcome of Harmony Square.

Community Open House
A community open house was held Dec. 6, 2017 in the Kallsen Center at Village Hall. More than 50 people attended, including residents, business owners and other stakeholders. All shared feedback on the three presented concepts for Harmony Square. All information presented at the community open house – including the planning team’s analysis of Downtown Tinley Park and the three proposed concepts – can be found below.